FHTWO: Shreveport Louisiana is Bi-poll-ar


I grew up in Shreveport-Bossier Louisiana. I was proud of this fact growing up. The Sportsman’s paradise. New Orleans with Mardis Gras was fairly close. Spicy food. Cajuns. My Dad’s mom was 100% Cajun. We grew up eating gumbo, jambalaya, crawfish, Shrimp Étouffée

We would go fishing and crabbing and eat what we caught. I learned to clean fish and crabs and how to cook them. Mom and Dad both cooked and I learned from each.  Louisiana Hot sauce was on every table. I knew what filé powder was and how to use it.I have made homemade root beer.

I was embarrassed as I got older how prejudice many of my friends were and was extremely happy that we moved to Texas after High School. I stay in touch with many of my relatives and classmates that still live there and I am proud that the people of Louisiana are growing up. Most industry has left the city and been replaced with gambling; horse tracks and casinos.

I am somewhat puzzled by the results of two recent polls. 5 Happiest Cities to Live in US and 10 Most Miserable Cities to Live In America. Shreveport made both lists. Number  3 happiest and number 8 most miserable. 




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