FHTWO: Secrets for a long life..long Boring life


FHTWO: Saw this post and while the advice is obviously sound, I have always read that the trip is about the journey and not the destination. If you want to live to 99 like Ida, I agree that you should eat nutritious food and exercise each day. And regardless of your lifestyle you should do what you need to do. That is being responsible and God knows there is not a lot of that running around.

Where I have trouble even reading it to myself is the either or clauses. Eat for nutrition and NOT for TASTE. What are you crazy? Imagine oatmeal over and over again. I like oatmeal but I would not choose it for taste. Give me some eggs and bacon and a golden biscuit with lots of real butter and strawberry jam. Now I know I just cut a few years off with that diet.

Now the other either or statement. Do what you need to do, NOT what you want to do. Carpe Diem. Enjoy today. Run through that mud puddle. Frolic in the leaves. Did I just say frolic? OK you get the point. Those things you do for enjoyment can reduce stress and increase happiness. Visit with friends and family. Tell old jokes and remember old times. See a great movie, see an average movie. All of these things make the journey more pleasurable and if the journey does end suddenly, what a trip you had.

In blade runner, at the end of the movie, a replicant with only a four year life span reflected upon his near death about things he had seen that most people do not get to see.

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I’ve watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those … moments will be lost in time, like tears…in rain. Time to die.

So in his death he realized that life is precious not because of how long you live but what you have done and seen and experienced on your journey.


FHTWO: Only 13 Channels Man

FHTWO: I saw a post recently where the TV Channel selector knob was on display with the statement “Like if you remember when a TV had only 13 channels.” I had to laugh, first because there were only twelve channels on the dial displayed even though it went to 13 there was no channel 1, and remembering when my brother was born, I was 4, my Dad bought us a blond-maple TV (actually just a wooden box) that stood on a wooden blond-maple stand and it had the same knob. But in Shreveport at that time we had three networks, 3 channels, 3, 6, and 12. I am not sure when UHF channels were available as well as Public Broadcasting channel 13.

Even with only 3 channels to choose from there was always the possibility of a fight about which one to watch. The biggest revolutionary idea in TV watching to occur since then is not the 400 channel package you can get but the  DVR. Now we can record anything we want to watch and watch it when we want and fast forward through the commercials.
They always talk about our parents generation and all that they saw come about. And thank God my parents are still seeing the changes. Though I believe the Baby Boomers have seen some of the biggest changes. And things are still changing rapidly, not all for the good.

FHTWO: Grandma is Fuzzy and That’s OK

I read an article to day about 10 gadgets that should be obsolete by now ITHO.

The very first one ( vinyl records ) reminded me of becoming a teen and my first purchase was a Beatles album. There is actually a resurgence of reissuing vinyl record sets for your favorite 60’s band, like the Beatles or George Harrison, or Paul McCartney.

Most suggestions required that you use your smartphone for everything which means you have to have (GPS device) activated, store your files in the cloud (thumb drives, optical discs, PDAs), and quit carrying your (compact digital camera.) They admit that Grandma may look fuzzy using your phone camera as the quality is not as good, but it is more convenient, it is better to only carry your phone.

I personally love the pictures I get with my compact digital camera and carry it when I know I will be taking pictures though everyone has a phone.

GPS tracking means they will always know where you are. Storage on the cloud has been proven to be unsafe. Vinyl records in some cases take me right back to the time I first heard the music and that trip is wonderful. And Grandma never appeared to be fuzzy, especially with my digital camera.

Don’t rush it. Very few things go obsolete until people no longer want them.

FHTWO: LSU’s Little Eat Em Up


FHTWO:  When I was growing up, LSU was the team to root for in Shreveport. We didn’t have a pro football team until I was 17 and we didn’t have the Dallas Cowboys to root for until 1960 when I was 10. My Dad and his three brothers were big LSU fans. They even went to the Cotton Bowl one year to watch them play Arkansas.

We had relatives in southern Louisiana and on one trip we stopped at the LSU campus and saw the kitty cat and the LSU track.

In the early days (first 50 years) LSU’s mascot was a paper-mache tiger (for 50 years). One of LSU’s graduates donated a small, black South American cat; it was probably much like a bobcat or a jaguar with a short tail. LSU fans called him “Little eat em Up”. LSU lost all of its conference games that year, so they fired the mascot.

Anyway, I was around 9 or 10 and seeing the track decided I would run around it. A quarter of a mile. I do not know what possessed that little stupid kid. I did not run track. I was genetically slow. I did not want to stop until I finished because my parents and brother and sister were patiently waiting for super sloth to complete the oval, probably wondering where the nearest phone was just in case to call for an ambulance.

Inside I was proud I finished and outside I was so embarrassed. I felt like Little Eat em up. I was sure I was going to be fired as an under performing child.

FHTWO: Bermuda Chair

Malaysia Air

FHTWO: My wife is always losing silverware, medications, tweezers etc. and loses them in her recliner. Imagine our surprise lifting up her chair and seeing a cable box remote control, three forks, various pills and a small Malaysian airliner flying in circles.

FHTWO: Robot Voice May Scare You


FHTWO: OK it is not enough to scare people with your robot voice, now you have to tell them that you believe a cosmic death bubble, caused by changes to the field that the infamous “god particle” is associated with, could wipe out the known universe. To add fuel to the fire, you wrote in the preface to your new book that it could happen at any time, with no prior warning. 

Who did this, well Stephen Hawking did. Now he has had to eat some of his black hole theories recently and back tracked, which is easy to do in that electric cart thingy.

BTW, can’t he afford a custom voice for his computer? Maybe hire James Earl Jones to record all the words he uses.

Interestingly, according to theoretical physicist Joseph Lykken, we are currently sitting comfortably on the edge between a stable and an unstable universe. “We’re sort of right on the edge where the universe can last for a long time, but eventually it should go ‘boom.’ There’s no principle that we know of that would put us right on the edge,” he said in a recent lecture.

“Everything Hawking says is true: the Higgs potential is what governs what vacuum state we’re in, and we can transition,” said Mack in her article on the topic. “But it’s really unlikely that would happen. Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to defend the poor little Higgs boson—it’s not out to hurt us.”

So what is the motivation for trying to scare you? I find it interesting that these smart men are talking about “bubbles” and “the universe going boom.”


FHTWO: Downsizing…An Image


FHTWO: My cousin asked for help on facebook reducing a photo to 400 pixels in width. Now I know many ways to do that with HTML; <img width=””, similar setting in CSS, many image software like PhotoShop and CorelPaint, etc. will allow you to re-size the photo. 

So I thought when someone is in need, why not make a funny. So I said to reduce a photo to 400 pixels wide, first make it 800 pixels wide and then cut it in half. 

When someone is asking for help, maybe not a good time. So for my cousin, here is a quick and easy way to re-size your photo and you can even do other edits at this site.