FHTWO: Robot Voice May Scare You


FHTWO: OK it is not enough to scare people with your robot voice, now you have to tell them that you believe a cosmic death bubble, caused by changes to the field that the infamous “god particle” is associated with, could wipe out the known universe. To add fuel to the fire, you wrote in the preface to your new book that it could happen at any time, with no prior warning. 

Who did this, well Stephen Hawking did. Now he has had to eat some of his black hole theories recently and back tracked, which is easy to do in that electric cart thingy.

BTW, can’t he afford a custom voice for his computer? Maybe hire James Earl Jones to record all the words he uses.

Interestingly, according to theoretical physicist Joseph Lykken, we are currently sitting comfortably on the edge between a stable and an unstable universe. “We’re sort of right on the edge where the universe can last for a long time, but eventually it should go ‘boom.’ There’s no principle that we know of that would put us right on the edge,” he said in a recent lecture.

“Everything Hawking says is true: the Higgs potential is what governs what vacuum state we’re in, and we can transition,” said Mack in her article on the topic. “But it’s really unlikely that would happen. Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to defend the poor little Higgs boson—it’s not out to hurt us.”

So what is the motivation for trying to scare you? I find it interesting that these smart men are talking about “bubbles” and “the universe going boom.”



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