FHTWO: LSU’s Little Eat Em Up


FHTWO:  When I was growing up, LSU was the team to root for in Shreveport. We didn’t have a pro football team until I was 17 and we didn’t have the Dallas Cowboys to root for until 1960 when I was 10. My Dad and his three brothers were big LSU fans. They even went to the Cotton Bowl one year to watch them play Arkansas.

We had relatives in southern Louisiana and on one trip we stopped at the LSU campus and saw the kitty cat and the LSU track.

In the early days (first 50 years) LSU’s mascot was a paper-mache tiger (for 50 years). One of LSU’s graduates donated a small, black South American cat; it was probably much like a bobcat or a jaguar with a short tail. LSU fans called him “Little eat em Up”. LSU lost all of its conference games that year, so they fired the mascot.

Anyway, I was around 9 or 10 and seeing the track decided I would run around it. A quarter of a mile. I do not know what possessed that little stupid kid. I did not run track. I was genetically slow. I did not want to stop until I finished because my parents and brother and sister were patiently waiting for super sloth to complete the oval, probably wondering where the nearest phone was just in case to call for an ambulance.

Inside I was proud I finished and outside I was so embarrassed. I felt like Little Eat em up. I was sure I was going to be fired as an under performing child.


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