FHTWO: Can She Bake a Frito Pie?


FHTWO: My Uncle Charlie went to Centenary College in Shreveport and worked his way through at the campus Dairy Queen. He and his brother Bill weren’t that many years older than I as they were my Mom’s youngest siblings.
I went to work with him one Saturday and enjoyed many different ice cream dishes including the banana split.

The one thing he made for me that I remember the most that day though was Frito-Pie. At the time I believe they spooned the chili over an open bag of Fritos. However they served it, I sure enjoyed me some Frito Pie. I am always thankful for my Uncle and that day. I had a lot of positive influences when I was growing up.


FHTWO: Paul Revere Died…Again


FHTWO: Paul Revere died…again. This time it was the leader of the 60’s group Paul Revere and the Raiders featuring Mark Lindsay. He was 76.

Back in the ’60s, in the little house I grew up in, we had two rooms cooled by air conditioning. My parents bedroom and across the hall, a room we treated as a den. During the summer, in the heat of the day it was hard to get me out of this room.

Dad had setup a small TV in the room and every afternoon in the summer a show, “Where the Action Is”, hosted by Dick Clark, came on with music. Precursor to music videos. The house band for the show was Paul Revere and the Raiders. I became a big fan of their music and their seemingly crazy personalities that came across on that show. So much so that the first concert I ever spent my hard earned money on was Paul Revere and the Raiders in Shreveport LA.

So Paul died, he had still been touring with a new group of guys, There are YouTube videos of his latest work. Not the same but the songs were still good and he obviously enjoyed seeing his fans.

Here is a link to a reunion with Dick Clark 12 years after Where the Action Is TV show last aired.

FHTWO: Party Nuts!


FHTWO: I just figured it out. All these years I did not know. Yet when you do realize you think it was so simple you feel like kicking yourself in the buttocks.
Why do they call mixed nuts Party Nuts?
When you dig through the can and finally find a Brazil nut or a Filbert or a Pecan, or heaven forbid a Macadamia nut, you feel like throwing a party.
Party! Party! Party!

FHTWO: Et tu E.T.


FHTWO: School use to be harder. Especially in the first grade. That is early in the 1800’s there were 27 letters in the alphabet, not 26. Yes, X,Y,Z, and…
When saying their ABCs the last character was mispronounced. When a word comes about from a mistaken pronunciation, it’s called a mondegreen.
The last character though later removed from the alphabet, still exists on all our keyboards. As a baby most of us stared at it daily on baby oil bottles and other products.
Many use it as a shorthand word when in fact in Latin it is what it is.
& now you know the rest of the story. It is also the name of a nightclub in New Orleans and a very famous Science Fiction movie directed by Steven Spielberg.
Oh and it isn’t the only former member of the alphabet. Learn what led to the extinction of the thorn and the wynn.

FHTWO: TBT: Throwback Tuesday


FHTWO: TBT, yes Throwback Tuesday.Tried to get the yellow out of this photo. Not my best work but the yellow is gone.

I was remembering this today for some strange reason. Summer of 1970, June, home on leave after Boot camp (Orlando Fl.) in San Antonio TX. I reported to A School in Great Lakes, IL on July 4th.

My best friend at the time (Johnny Mullins) and his family were visiting. So he and I went to the movies and saw Woodstock. Anyway, I have almost no pictures of me in uniform.

Funny story is that the lease on this house ran out shortly after this picture and when I came home on leave shortly thereafter,my family had moved, yes without telling me,. After a big cry I called them and asked them where they lived now.

Just one bad joke after another.