FHTWO: Et tu E.T.


FHTWO: School use to be harder. Especially in the first grade. That is early in the 1800’s there were 27 letters in the alphabet, not 26. Yes, X,Y,Z, and…
When saying their ABCs the last character was mispronounced. When a word comes about from a mistaken pronunciation, it’s called a mondegreen.
The last character though later removed from the alphabet, still exists on all our keyboards. As a baby most of us stared at it daily on baby oil bottles and other products.
Many use it as a shorthand word when in fact in Latin it is what it is.
& now you know the rest of the story. It is also the name of a nightclub in New Orleans and a very famous Science Fiction movie directed by Steven Spielberg.
Oh and it isn’t the only former member of the alphabet. Learn what led to the extinction of the thorn and the wynn.


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