FHTWO: Paul Revere Died…Again


FHTWO: Paul Revere died…again. This time it was the leader of the 60’s group Paul Revere and the Raiders featuring Mark Lindsay. He was 76.

Back in the ’60s, in the little house I grew up in, we had two rooms cooled by air conditioning. My parents bedroom and across the hall, a room we treated as a den. During the summer, in the heat of the day it was hard to get me out of this room.

Dad had setup a small TV in the room and every afternoon in the summer a show, “Where the Action Is”, hosted by Dick Clark, came on with music. Precursor to music videos. The house band for the show was Paul Revere and the Raiders. I became a big fan of their music and their seemingly crazy personalities that came across on that show. So much so that the first concert I ever spent my hard earned money on was Paul Revere and the Raiders in Shreveport LA.

So Paul died, he had still been touring with a new group of guys, There are YouTube videos of his latest work. Not the same but the songs were still good and he obviously enjoyed seeing his fans.

Here is a link to a reunion with Dick Clark 12 years after Where the Action Is TV show last aired.


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